Vehicles Used In Construction And Their Purposes


Deck builder Minnesota uses different construction materials along with construction vehicles while building deck. Construction vehicles are automobiles specifically used to carry heavy construction equipment. Having construction vehicles at one’s disposal makes the task more efficient and quicker at the same time.

In a word, construction vehicles are multitasking because they can do everything from digging and hauling trenches to carrying the heaviest construction materials. Fortunately, construction materials vary according to specific tasks and their difficulty levels; therefore, it is time to know various construction vehicles and their functions one by one.

Construction Vehicles and Their Purposes

Construction Vehicles And Their Various Functions:

  • Articulated Hauler:

These are dump trucks that can perform heavy duties and carry an enormous amount of construction material in one go. Although they are made for heavy tasks, these haulers are more efficient in case of mobility. Its flexible pivot joints efficiently help the back wheels to turn in their specified direction; hence it is also best for tighter or sudden turns. The terrains can also be easily maneuvered because of their strong wheel drive. No matter where the haulers are taking turns but whenever it does, it always remains stable with no chance of errors. These haulers are primarily used to navigate rocky mountains where mining industries are mainly located. These are also used for hauling debris from various construction sites.

  • Asphalt Pavers:

This vehicle is mainly used for paving projects like the construction of walkways, roads, parking materials, etc. These pavers are propelled automatically but sometimes attached to a tractor for better support. It varies in size, shape, and horsepower; therefore, the type of pavers can only be depended on the project type.

  • Backhoe Loaders:

The backhoe loaders can be used for excavation purposes for construction, landscape, and agricultural purposes. It consists of a front loader and digging bucket to plow the subsequent materials. These loaders are also used for cleaning and small demolition purposes and include materials such as hammers, rippers, compactors, etc., attached for smooth functions.

  • Boom Lifts:

These vehicles are used for lifting heavy materials and putting them at specific places at aerial distances. The vehicle consists of a hydraulic arm with an additional bucket attached so the lifts can stay at a moveable base. It can extend materials up to 210 vertical and 115 horizontal feet.


The well known construction vehicles consist of bulldozers, cranes, cold planers, etc. These heavy duty vehicles are best fitted for performing heavy construction tasks and can easily be used for building waterfront decks if necessary. It is best to consult with a contractor and construction expert to choose the proper construction vehicle to serve a purpose.


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