What Car Dealers Need to Know About CLIA-Waived Drug Testing

As drug testing at work becomes more common, car dealerships must maintain a drug-free environment. Understanding CLIA-waived drug tests are crucial for car dealerships. It ensures that their drug testing procedures are accurate and reliable. Did you know that in 2020, drug overdose deaths in the United States increased by 29.4%, with synthetic opioids being the primary driver? With such alarming statistics, it’s essential to have a robust drug testing program in place to promote a safe work environment. So, let’s dive into what car dealerships need to know about CLIA-waived drug testing.

What is CLIA-Waived Drug Testing?

It is a type of drug testing. It has been granted a waiver by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program. These tests have been determined to be simple and accurate enough to be used by non-laboratory personnel. CLIA-waived drug tests are available in different formats, including oral fluid, urine, and blood testing. They are ideal for use in car dealerships because they are quick and easy to administer.


One of the most significant advantages is cost-effectiveness. These tests can be administered by non-laboratory personnel. There is no need to hire a third-party laboratory to conduct drug testing. CLIA-waived drug testing is also time-saving since results are available within minutes. This allows car dealerships to make decisions regarding employee fitness for duty quickly. Additionally, since these tests are so easy to administer, human error is less likely.


Despite their advantages, there are limitations to CLIA-waived drug tests. These tests are less accurate than laboratory-based tests and are unsuitable for all drug classes. CLIA-waived drug tests are also more susceptible to false positives and false negatives. It can result in inaccurate results.

CLIA-waived drug tests

Drug Testing Laws in the Automotive Industry

There are federal and state laws that require drug testing in certain circumstances. For example, federal law requires drug testing for all commercial drivers. It is included for those who drive for car dealerships. State laws vary. But many states require drug testing for employees who operate heavy machinery.

Types of CLIA-Waived Drug Testing 

There are different types of CLIA-waived testing available. 

  1. People often choose oral fluid testing because it doesn’t hurt and is easy to do. 
  2. Urine tests are also standard and effective for detecting various drug classes. 
  3. Blood tests are the most accurate way to test for drugs, but they are also more invasive and must be done by a trained phlebotomist.

Implementing The Drug Testing in Dealerships

Implementing drug testing in dealerships involves several steps, including:

  • Establishing a drug-free workplace policy
  • Training employees
  • Selecting a drug testing vendor
  • Conducting pre-employment drug testing
  • Conducting random drug testing
  • Responding to positive test results
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Monitoring and reviewing the program

It is important to train staff on the proper procedures for administering drug tests. A drug testing program requires selecting a drug testing kit and maintaining equipment.

Tips for Successful Drug Testing Programs

Here are the tips below:

  • Communication, consistency, and anonymity are essential for car dealership drug testing programs. 
  • Employees can be persuaded to take drug tests by explaining their benefits. 
  • It’s important that drug tests are given the same way every time to ensure they are accurate and stop any claims of bias. 
  • Confidentiality is also critical to ensure that employee privacy is respected and to prevent any discrimination.


Car dealerships must ensure employees can do their jobs and are not high on drugs. It is an easy and cheap way for car dealers to follow the rules about drug testing. Implementing a drug testing program involves careful planning and execution, but the benefits of a safer and more productive work environment make it well worth the effort. Looking for an easy, accurate, and affordable solution for your drug testing needs? Look no further than Halux Diagnostic’s drug test cups!

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