Automotive eCommerce store development cost & features

The cost of developing an automotive eCommerce store depends on the features you want it to have. According to Shopify review Australia, several eCommerce platforms can help your automotive business succeed online. Therefore, you need to assess the cost and features of an e-commerce store.

This article will discuss the cost and features of developing an automotive eCommerce store. Read on, and feel free to share your thoughts on the same.

Features of an automotive eCommerce store

To have a successful automotive eCommerce website, you need the following:

Login and SignUp Feature

You need to offer your customers the convenience of signing up and logging in on your website. It will make it easy for them to place orders, track their status, and check out without having to fill all forms again, which can be frustrating. It is also a good idea to have different types of users so that they can manage their accounts. For example, you can have an administrator login for someone who has the authority to add new products to your inventory.


The filters are vital to an automotive eCommerce website because they help customers find the items they want. You can offer your clients different categories of products. By providing your customers filter options, you make it easier for them to find the products that interest them. It is also a good idea to provide your customers filters based on size, range, type, and color, among other features.

Year/Make/ Model Lookup

Another essential feature is to have a year/make/ model lookup. It will help your clients know which parts fit their cars and check the compatibility of items they want to buy. The feature saves them time and energy because looking up products manually can be frustrating. It is also beneficial because it helps you to know which items are selling well and those that aren’t. You can decide to remove the products that are not selling well and make them more attractive or offer discounts.


Having a payment method on your website is vital for business success. You can have different options of payments so that customers have the freedom to pay using their preferred choice. For example, some clients may choose to pay through bank transfers, while others want to use credit cards.

The cost of developing an automotive eCommerce store

Developing an automotive eCommerce store is an expensive venture. It needs a lot of planning and strategies because you need to consider lots of factors. The average cost of developing an automotive eCommerce store is about $3000 -$5000. However, the cost varies depending on many factors, such as whether you want to build a brand new site or convert your existing website into one that sells products.


As an automotive eCommerce owner, you need to invest in the best services that will help you create a website that has all these features.